Welcome to Lone Star Legal where you can find a wide range of litigation support services that will suit your needs. We cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento Area. As a registered and bonded professional photocopier, Lone Star Legal can fulfill any requests for subponea for production of records and deposition officer assignment.












Who We are


Lone Star Legal is a full litigation support service company that has been serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area and greater Sacramento area for over 20 years. We constantly strive to exceed customer expectations because we believe in going above and beyond to ensure every job is done correctly and effectively. Either from court retrieval to on-site scanning, or high volume in-house scan and print project to file conversion, our experienced document technicians have provided countless business professionals with outstanding litigation support services in the past 2 decades. Lone Star Legal also proudly serves the State Bar of California as court service vendor. All clients' documents and information are always kept ultimately confidential. So our clients trust us with their sensitive information because of our reputation for integrity and professionalism.



  What We Do


  • On-site/Mobile Document Scanning
  • Off-site/In-House Document Scanning

  • In-House Printing & Binding

  • Court Document Research & Copying

  • Complex Search

  • Deposition Officer Assignments

  • Medical Record Retrieval

  • Public Record Retrieval

  • Oversize Document Scanning

  • Trial Exhibit Binder Preparation

  • E-bates Labeling

  • OCR

  • Indexing

  • PDF/Tiff Conversion

  • Load Files

  • Cloud Upload



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