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A Bit About Me

April Ryan is an invaluable member of our team.  Although she leads us in the area of financial management, as our Full Charge Bookkeeper, with over 25 years of extensive experience performing in the accounting role with personal injury trial lawyers, she is so much more than just a behind the scenes "number cruncher." 

April will tell you that one of her favorite parts of her work is, and has always been, her relationship with the clients we serve. From meeting clients at the outset, as we discuss the terms of the agreements, to working with you as needed throughout the case, and to ultimately producing the settlement disbursement statements at the end, April finds joy in sitting down with those we serve to experience the closure and gratitude for what we have helped them overcome. April has maintained many continuing friendships throughout the years with former clients who are now her friends. Relationships - meeting and supporting people through the very tough physical and emotional times of a personal injury or wrongful death case and building lasting relationships with them is what drives April – and what she loves most about working with the attorneys and staff at Lone Star Legal.

April grew up in Houston as the daughter of a well-known personal injury trial lawyer.  She was, quite literally, born into this profession. From early conversations and introductions to legal concepts at her father’s practice and at home, April became first intrigued and then very comfortable with the industry.


While attending the University of Houston, April worked as a bookkeeper at her father’s law firm, where she was trained and counseled by her stepmother, a seasoned CPA.  This sparked a career with very prominent personal injury trial lawyers throughout Houston, until she moved to Austin with her family in late 2014, following her husband in his pursuit of a new business opportunity. At that time, she had been working for a very prestigious law firm in Houston for well over a decade and was able to continue her work for them from home – well before that was the norm.

April has two amazing children who are the absolute love and light of her life. Her son attends Texas State University, and her daughter attends The University of Texas at Austin.  When she is not spending time with her children or working in the fast-paced career of assisting Lone Star Legal to help our clients, April  enjoys her time with her cat, Willie (Nelson) and her very precious dog of many years, “Oops,” who has won us all over and is now our office dog.

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